Vast Arboreal Sky EP

by Thrawsunblat

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Vast Arboreal Sky is a 3-song acoustic EP featuring raw and re-arranged versions of songs from Thrawsunblat's "Canada 2010".


released July 10, 2013

Joel Violette: Vocals, guitars, bass, banjo, percussion
Jeff Mott: Fiddle

Cover photo taken by Holly Friesen, edited by Brett Goodchild.

Recorded, produced & engineered by Joel Violette at Studio Jolheim.
Tracks 1 & 2 mixed by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios.
Tracks 1 & 2 mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Mastering.



all rights reserved


Thrawsunblat New Brunswick

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Track Name: Vastland (Acoustic)
Feel the atavism
coursing back through time.
Bringing forth ancient fire,
Life, in its purest form.

It shall be embraced.
It shall light the torches of the hordes.
By this flame
we will march across the vastlands.

Along rivers of ice,
standards of black unfurled.
It shall burn in our veins,
across the ages, through the haze.

Veni, ignis! Veni, fere!
Arde, ignis, acerrime!

We will tread on paths
overgrown throughout time,
neglected by mankind,
reclaimed by wilderness.

Until the end of days,
one with the winds and storms,
we will carry on,
ever ablaze with primal flame.

Veni, ignis! Veni, fere!
Arde, ignis, acerrime!

Rise from the Earth,
Bearing flames primordial.
Alive at last,
bearing time eternal.

(J Violette, 2009)
Track Name: She, Arboreal (Acoustic)
She radiates across the skyline.
I have swept through her oak, maple, and pine
as a spirit released from corporeal ways,
or a man who is still from the kill ablaze.

And though I've seen her aflame in the sun,
just as I have in the gloom of the rain,
and as I have in dead winter days,
her beauty abides in all her shades.

A thousand times and
she's never lived at all.
She, arboreal.

The silence stills the morning air so clean
as if she's holding her breath in waiting.
She beckons through her cascading greens;
in susurrations she speaks my name.

A thousand times and
she's never lived at all.
She, arboreal.

(J Violette, 2009)
Track Name: Black Sky (Acoustic)
Stars are all we have
to connect our diverging lives.

Look at the sky from where you are.
And know that though we are so far,
we see the same stars.

Stars are all we have
to connect our distant lives.

So what becomes of you and I
under this fading Winter sky?
This death black sky.

And so we lie, you and I,
torn apart by the miles.
And so we die, you and I,
under the same black sky.

(J Violette, 2009)